Our new Defender Removable Bollard gives heavy duty protection personal car spaces, home driveways and private property.

The Defender Bollard is set into a galvanised steel base, which in turn is set in concrete.

The Defender measures 800mm tall and is manufactured from 104mm diameter steel.

It is hot dip galvanised finish gives our products a longer lasting life even in very rough weather conditions and we finish each post with a powder coat finish to your selected colour.

The Base is set 170mm into the ground and incorporates an spring auto locking system.

To remove the bollard you insert the key into the un-pickable lock and lift the bollard straight out. The total weight of the bollard is 7.2Kgs, light enough to be used by people of all ages. The Defender Bollards is designed to look elegant with a stainless steel band 150mm from the top and is aesthetically pleasing in any driveway.

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